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Drone Solutions - Mission: Storm Damage

January 10, 2017

Drones can help in an emergency, or at least, that is what we found out recently. With their increasing availability, relative ease-of-use, and affordability, the drone market has taken off. And, given this emerging market, everyone from government agencies, big business, the professional hobbyist, and the average recreational flyer can use these drones for a myriad of uses - from taking pictures around your backyard, to race leagues, professional photography, and even now, for emergency services. These high quality compact systems have the ability to fly into hard-to-reach areas and take footage - collecting data where it would have previously been too expensive or physically impossible to collect. 


Recently on January 2nd, a severe storm with Tornado Warnings/Watches came through southwest Georgia. The next morning after the dust settled, the damage to the city was extensive including thousands of trees down and power out to thousands of homes and businesses. 


CANA Advisor's Kurt Eades, a drone hobbyist, was able to take the CANA Advisors Drone Solutions platform CDS01* (CANA Drone Solutions 01) to help out with some damage assessment efforts following the aftermath of the tornadoes that swept through Georgia.


Mr. Eades received a call from a close friend who lived in the damaged area and decided to help out.  His friend told him everyone was fine, but they suffered quite a bit of damage:  a tree on one section of their house, a truck destroyed, and his Jeep was also hit by a tree.


"I was online emailing back and forth with the Drone Solutions Team and Rob (Rob Cranston, President, CANA Advisors) suggested it would be a good idea to get video of the damage as kind of a sobering fact of what everyone was going through. So, that was exactly what I did. Since I had a friend in need, I decided to head over and help out and use his house as an ‘Operations Center’ for video from CDS01* (CANA Drone Solutions 01)" - Kurt Eades


Once Kurt arrived at his friend's house and set up the ‘Operations Center,’ CANA Advisor's CDS01 took flight.  After an approximately 20 minute flight, the survey mission was completed, and the work of clearing branches and debris began.  Notably, the video taken by CDS01 will be a handy aid for his friend’s family for insurance evidence and damage assessment.


Drone Video of Tornado Devastation


Kurt reflected on his experience saying, "[a]ll in all, it was a great experience, knowing that as always people come together to help each other out during a disaster, I was happy to help."​


Kurt uploaded the video to his Instagram.  In addition, The Weather Channel,, ABC News, Good Morning America and asked and eventually used with his permission the video.  Further, Kurt received a request from the video licensing service,, to register the video for further distribution.


With Mission: Storm Damage Assessment being a success, CANA Advisors and our Drone Solutions Team are proud to be involved in this emerging market of drones and to support drones’ ability to collect a vast array of data and to provide analysis use cases.  With the ongoing growth and expansion of the drone market into untapped areas, the sky's the limit for the CANA Advisors Drone Solutions analysis platform.


[Additional video links of Kurt's drive to try and get to the Ops Center area] 

Getting through streets


Finally getting across the street from the house


For information on CANA Advisors and CANA Drone Solutions please contact;


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CANA Advisors Drone Solutions Information sheet


* DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone

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