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The Commercial Drone Revolution is Coming. Are You Ready?

March 18, 2016


In September 2015, CANA brought together several of its business partners at a world class training center called the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA.  Guardian Centers is an 830-acre “disaster Disney World” training facility containing 75 acres of multi-story cityscapes and flood zones that hosts up to 7,000 participants for a variety of tactical trainings.  The Fire Department of New York led this weeklong exercise of 700 emergency management personnel that ranged from local responders to national level assets.  To support this exercise and to display cutting edge technology to the key operators who help save lives, several organizations participated in this collaborative effort including CANA, DreamHammer, Cisco, CNN and AIG insurance.  Together we proved that surveillance drone flights mounted with appropriate sensors can provide rich detail for first responders to support their decision making and operations.


Being innovative is a core component to CANA Advisors in offering our clients cutting edge technology, analytics support, and management expertise.  One of the key areas CANA has focused on recently is the commercial use of drones.  Whether you think this is the next industrial revolution or they are an invasion to privacy, the commercial drone revolution is coming in key areas such as agriculture, infrastructure inspections, insurance, emergency management, energy, and cinematography.  CANA recognizes that to be successful in the commercial drone industry, every vertical market will need asset management and logistics expertise for real world commercial operations.  To apply this vision, CANA is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with DreamHammer, a recognized industry leader for command and control drone management software, in order to leverage CANA’s expertise in logistics and operations management into the drone world. 


Additionally, CANA has developed an Asset Management and Operations Planning Module built for the DreamHammer Ground Control Station platform that will support drone service providers in the field.  The Module manages assets, builds teams, and provides a graphical capability to create work orders.  Workflows built in use optimization to automatically schedule teams to fulfill those work orders.  Operators then use this data to create drone mission plans all on the same system in a simple to use interface. 


CANA software development, analytics, and services are supporting the commercial UAS world today.  Please contact either Terry Hagen at or Rob Cranston at to learn more about our CANA drone solutions.

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