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Welcome Aboard Our Newest Intern, Hannah Wallace!

Team CANA would like to welcome, Hannah Wallace, our Army Individual Career Skills Program (CPS) Intern!

Hannah has three years of military experience in leading projects and programs that deliver sustained results and effective change for supply chain/logistics operations. She was commissioned as a Transportation Officer and served in the active component of the Army. Hannah is a graduate of Western Illinois University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

While Hannah is at CANA, she will be learning more about the CANA culture and small business operations. Hannah will be working on business development projects and learning new systems such as JIRA and ExtendSim.

You can contact Hannah at

Welcome Aboard!


CANA Advisors is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, equal opportunity company based out of Gainesville, Virginia in the United States of America.

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