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In a world where drones are becoming critical to your business success, CANA Drone Solutions is here to help.



CANA will help you get your entire backend logistics support system up and running to support your operations. 

  • Organize, track, and manage valuable assets (platforms, equipment, and personnel) from small scale operations to enterprise level fleets.

  • Aggregate all assets on the CANA Asset Management and Operations (CAMO™) platform flexible cross-functional interface including fixed and rotary wing platforms.

  • Plan, manage and track equipment life-cycle maintenance for platforms, sensors, batteries and other equipment.

  • Customize CAMO™ to support your diverse drone fleet logistics and maintenance mission requirements.


CANA will help you build the most effective teams, aligned to your drone assets, with the goal of optimizing work performance across all of your projects.


  • ​Get visibility into operations across all your drone projects including aggregation and drill down into work orders and daily task details.

  • Manage your capacity capability to provide you 360-degree perspective of your complete drone fleet capabilities.

  • Build teams aligned to assets optimizing work performance on projects.

  • Create and manage projects, work orders, and daily tasks for visibility and status.

  • Stay focused on your business with customized dashboards to track operations, maintenance and inventory status.


CANA will help you customize optimal workflows managing your projects, operations, and assets saving you time and resources.

  • Generate customer ROI by automatically generating optimized daily task lists for team assignments of unscheduled work orders.

  • Import work orders from other systems or create your own custom version of the CAMO™ platform to provide the flexibility to manage at different levels.

  • Manage work flows to support work order management from creation to close out.

  • Easy to use interfaces for data input and analytics.

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With this innovation CANA Drone Solutions proudly offers our drone management software CAMO™ and services to the UAS community.


The CAMO™ platform provides fleet logistics asset management, optimizes drone operations, streamlines workflows, and ultimately, increases mission flexibility.

The CANA Asset Management & Operations platform for drones or as we like to call it CAMO™

Optimizing your drone fleet operations asset planning with instant, accessible life-cycle management workflow functions from beginning to end.


Ask us about our other drone related services to help you improve your fleet management, modernization, and business growth.

CANA Advisors
7371 Atlas Walk Way
Gainesville, Virginia 20155
Telephone (703) 317-7378
Facsimile (571) 248-2563